Toll tree, vanity, and local phone numbers. Virtual PBX, IVR, internet fax, and conferencing services for your business.

How it works

Xebba's concept is very simple: we automate handling of your incoming calls so you don't need to answer all of them. This saves you time and money. Xebba's feature-rich web interface allows you to easily manage all your telephony needs and quickly change your infrastructure to better fit your business. Xebba's workflow is based on the concepts of "incoming number", "extension", and "action". Incoming numbers receive calls, extensions route them to actions (or sequences of actions), and actions do all the work:


Consider this scenario: Your business needs a phone number where callers can be greeted with an interactive menu of options allowing them to listen to business information, dial extensions of your employees, request a fax to be sent back, get connected the first available representative, be transferred to another number or, if that number is not answering, leave a voicemail and email it to you. With Xebba you can set it up in just a few minutes! For larger customers our professional services can design, set up, and maintain all your IVR menus.


Here is how Xebba's virtual PBX service compares to traditional telco services and typical VoIP services:

Feature Telco VoIP


Caller ID
Fax reception
Real-time online call history
Custom greetings
Anonymous calls (your caller ID is not displayed)
Call recordings
Fax to Email
Voicemail to email
Easy web-based administration
Conference calls
One call can ring multiple phones
Thousands of extensions at no additional cost
Interactive fax-back
Interactive voice response with nested trees
SMS (text message) notifications
Call reports with caller's names and addresses
Over 100 accepted formats for fax and audio
Web and Email based support with ticketing system
No monthly maintenance fees
Reasonable, affordable pricing
Flag_yellow indicates that while some providers offer this feature, is not commonly available.