Toll tree, vanity, and local phone numbers. Virtual PBX, IVR, internet fax, and conferencing services for your business.

Xebba's Pricing

Our mission is to offer you attractive low pricing without sacrificing the quality of service. For the vast majority of our customers, we offer the model where you only pay for the actual voice traffic you use and for private incoming phone numbers (if you order them).

The following services/features are available at no charge with all accounts:

Xebba offers local phone numbers in 8266 rate centers covering 335 unique area codes throghout US and Canada. Local phone numbers are priced, depending on the rate center, $1.53-$3.06 per month with per-minute billing or $7.65-$9.27 per month with flat rate billing (no per-minute charges). Toll free numbers are priced $3.99 per month. Prices vary for international numbers.

Detailed pricing information is available on the Rates&Fees page (registered users only, if you don't have an account with us, please sign up, it is free and it takes less than a minute. No credit card required)

Keep in mind, that Xebba is a pre-paid service. It works the same way as a calling card: You deposit some amount of money to your account and your usage fees will be deducted from that balance. For more details please refer to our terms and conditions of service.

We also offer customized IVR solutions, managed IVR services, and packages for large customers. Please contact customer service for more information.