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Xebba's Privacy Policy

We recognize the importance of privacy. This document outlines the types of personal information we receive and collect when you use Xebba services, as well as the safeguards in place to protect this information.

Collected information

The following information is retained by the system:

Xebba does not analyze voice traffic or use it for market research. We do not record phone conversations except where it is necessary to comply with legal regulations or to assist investigations performed by authorities.

How collected information is used

Information we collect is not released to public or shared with 3-rd parties. Xebba may send occasional informational messages, promotions, or announcements via e-mail. Phone numbers and call patterns may be used for operational purposes to plan service capacity or adjust pricing. We will provide information to authorities to support investigation activities if required by law. We may use collected information to generate anonymized statistical data.

Substantial efforts are dedicated to keeping the information secure. We have a number of technical and administrative measures implemented to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our digital assets.